A Lesson in Christmas Giving

c46ac00deba380e3635f7013d2926a3aKam Gottlieb isn’t your average grade-schooler when it comes to gifts at Christmas time. For Kam, this year hasn’t been about what she’s getting—she is much more focused on giving to those in need. And while she can’t own her own pet because of severe allergies Kim has always had a profound love for animals and, since the end of her third grade school year, she has sold rubber bracelets at school, hosted a summer fundraising party in her backyard and laid aside her allowance, all with the aim of bringing sheltered dogs a bit more joy.

Last Monday, Kam concluded her two-year fundraising effort when she donated a treadmill to The Anti-Cruelty Society, a Chicago-based nonprofit that promotes the humane treatment of animals. “I wanted to donate the dog treadmill because it was unique and really useful,” Kam said. “You can put it in a small space, all dogs can use it year round, and you can put it next to your desk and do your work while the dogs are getting much needed exercise so they are happier and more adoptable… I picked the Anti-Cruelty Society because I saw online that it is a really big place and I thought that it would be hard to exercise all of those dogs.”

dogPACER, the Las Vegas-based company from which Kam bought the treadmill, was so impressed with her devotion to dogs, that they discounted the machine by $100, paid for shipping and handling, and matched her donation. The second treadmill will be presented, by Kam, to the Southwest Michigan Humane Society in January, according to a press release from The Anti-Cruelty Society.

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