Trend Alert: Close (Clever!) Shaves

content-018465Urban barbers known for shaves that reveal the scalp in shapes, swirls and words have transferred the trend to dogs.

So-called “hair artists” like Canadian Patrick Lakosh Marceau (shown at work in the first photo), have expanded their services to include animals. Others–more removed from the pro dog grooming scene–ply their craft on a case-by-case basis. And many post the results on industry sites like where a search for “dogs” brings up several pups with phrases, tattoo-style zigzags and whole scenes shaved into their coats. “I’ve seen people cut the dog’s name, numbers and even cool Aztec designs into the fur,” says Ronnie Mac, the owner of
dog design5
He believes individual dog owners who can handle clippers (and a patient pooch!) can try the trend at home, too. Besides $2.95 reusable stencils, Mac’s site also sells kits with special clippers, stencils and DVDs to guide novice hands. Hair Art Stencil SUPER Kit2



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