From BuzzFeed: Freaked Out Dogs

We love when BuzzFeed does dog-themed lists and this one is no exception. Check out a few of our favorites from the list of “37 Dogs Who Are Totally Freaked Out” and then go see the rest here

enhanced-buzz-15293-1371029838-21This dog who’s fleeing the jaws of certain death.

enhanced-buzz-13499-1371027551-1This dog who was just betrayed by the only thing he ever loved!

enhanced-buzz-11419-1371032050-7This dog who was only trying to be open to new experiences.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-18834-1371032307-30This dog who doesn’t think that woman is actually very pretty at all.

enhanced-buzz-10201-1371031156-1This dog who can’t look. can’t look. can’t look. can’t look. can’t look.

(all images and captions via BuzzFeed)



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