FroYo for Dogs Comes to NYC

-2“The current food revolution trend is changing how pet owners choose treats for their dogs”, says Yappy Treats Cart founder Laura Díaz. “Pet owners know that low quality, additives, and fake ingredients in many treats can undermine their dog’s overall healthy diet. Savvy consumers opt for wholesome treats containing all-natural, high-grade, and organic ingredients as a way to prevent illness, premature death, and pet obesity.” “Another way to improve your dog’s overall health and avoid many common degenerative diseases such as allergies, kidney disease, arthritis and cancer”, says Díaz, “is feeding all natural, organic, trusted homemade treats.” If contributing to our pets’ healthier, longer and happier lives doesn’t seem to be enough for a company’s mission, there is more. Yappy Treats Cart™ believes a dog’s purpose in life is to try to teach us how to become better human beings. With that in mind, each cup includes a Yappy Dogma™ message (from the dog to the human) that reflects the healing power of the human-canine bond, and carries on their life’s mission. Here is a sample: “Don’t bark when a simple growl will do. Give dawgs your feedback and a chance to correct the issue. If they don’t, move on. There are better bones to sink your teeth into.”

Dogfroyo™ treats are sold locally at pet stores, online, at special events, and now parks and dog runs. Yappy Treats Cart™ will hit parks and dog runs in Manhattan’s Upper West Side during the Spring & Summer season of 2013. Exact locations and schedules will be announced via social media. Learn more about Yappy Treats Cart™ at

The dog in the picture is Sisu, Yappy Treats Cart founder Laura’s 8-year-old Afghan Hound. He was born in Finland and his name is a Finnish term that means ‘determination’ or ‘never give up.’ He is a retired show dog, working therapy dog, model and, of course, the Spokes Dog at Yappy Treats Cart.



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