Summer (Vacation) Grooming

Care, AnimalVacations are a time to have fun with your family and leave your worries behind. But it’s not much fun to get home from a trip and realize that Fido is matted and needs to be shaved down. We suggest you do a little light grooming before you go, and pack a few tools for the road to keep your four-footed family member happy and healthy!

pawKeep Fido in mind while you’re planning your vacation. If your pet will be joining you on your trip, schedule an appointment with your groomer within a few days of your departure. This way your pet will be freshly groomed pre-vacation, minimizing potential problems once you’ve hit the road.

pawDon’t forget to pack tools for your travel companion! Include a slicker brush, metal comb and conditioner for loosening tough tangles.

pawWill you be spending a lot of time outdoors? Be sure to treat your dog with flea and tick preventive medicine before heading out on your adventures. At the end of each day, give your dog a manual inspection for ticks.

pawIf your dog will be swimming on vacation—whether in a chlorinated pool, the ocean or a lake—remember to rinse him afterwards. To prevent mats, brush and comb the hair before it’s fully dry. This will also help keep the skin free of chemicals and salt that can cause irritation. Now would be the time to use the detangler you packed!

pawShort-hair breeds can especially benefit from sunblock (without zinc oxide). Will your dog be in the sun more than usual? Pay extra attention to the muzzle and ears, which are prone to sunburn. Look for a waterproof formula made especially for dogs!

pawShould YOUR dog get a “summer cut?”
Shorter coats don’t always equal a cooler pet. Keep in mind that animals don’t sweat through their skin—they sweat through their tongues and paw pads. As a matter of fact, a super-short coat offers less protection against UV rays and, for some breeds, the undercoat actually serves as a cooling device. Just make sure to ask your vet what’s best for your particular dog before you decide to shave his coat.

(from Cesar’s Way magazine)



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