Sounds That Soothe Shelter Dogs

naperville-band-plays-for-petsThe lucky dogs at the SPCA Serving Erie County are being treated to the calming strains of healing music provided by holistic veterinarian, Pamela Fisher. Fisher, a veterinarian in North Canton, Ohio, who is also founder and executive director of the Rescue Animal MP3 Project developed musical program to help animals at her local dog pound. With a little help she expanded the program and has received hundreds of evaluations that say “yes, there is anywhere from 20 percent less barking to 90 percent less barking.” “I knew that there could be an impact. I had no idea it would be up to 90 percent less barking in a shelter,” said Fisher. The music, which to the human ear sounds like melodious New Age tunes, is designed to soothe animals with its tone, tempo and vibration. Fisher, who uses music in her practice, cites studies that prove its calming effect. One of the first studies, done with shelter dogs in 2002, found that dogs spent more time resting quietly when classical music was playing and more time barking when they were exposed to the staccato rhythms of heavy metal music. But the music in the Rescue Animal MP3 Project is more healing and calming than even classical tunes, she said. Even in shelters where music was already being played, “They still see an improvement with the project’s music, which is very interesting to me.” Read more here



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