Fido Fashion! Alligator and Pearl Collars

7872987_origAccording to the Swamp Dogs of LA website, these beautiful collars were inspired by Sam & Sissy, Giant Schnauzer sisters. Sam’s owner, Barbara, a pearl jewelry designer, and Sissy’s owner, Leslie, an entrepreneur, were inspired while the pups were on a play date. This unique idea came from trying to have the puppy girls wear pearls. The thought of a true Louisiana product made of genuine alligator with freshwater pearls for the girls and gator teeth for the guys evolved as the summer ended.
Animal conservationists need not worry; Swamp Dogs of LA sources their materials ethically. In Louisiana, the local government keeps the population controlled by giving each property owner a certain number of tags, one for each alligator they’re permitted to hunt, between September 5 and October 5. Wildlife regulators also go trapper to trapper, checking each number and tag to make sure it’s all above board. People are jailed and fined if they kill an alligator out of season or kill more than their allotted number. “They’re just unbelievable creatures,” says Sandlin, who is proud to use the alligator skins, as they would otherwise be wasted. You could always opt for the pretty and durable acid-washed cowhide collars.
Each Swamp Dog Alligator collar has its own matchless pattern, as individual as a fingerprint, as singular as your tastes and as unique as the lucky pup who gets to sport it! Buy yours here3087867_orig



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