The Remarkable Tale of a Real Life Rescue

ku-xlargeKen Layne, the national correspondent for, has eulogized his dog Hunter in a post today. And it is beautiful. At moments sad but always touching and we wanted to share it with you. All dog lovers can relate to Layne’s sadness at his dog’s passing but it is the way he remembers their life together that is especially endearing…
“He could be annoying and he could be needy, especially when I was racing to finish some writing and his intrusions broke my flow. That’s the nature of an unfair relationship—he could not leave the house without me—and to his own wise old eyes I’m sure I was a regular disappointment. But unlike people, who hoard and revisit their grudges forever, Hunter forgave quickly and completely. “Old dogs care about you even when you make mistakes,” as Tom T. Hall wrote”
Read the whole thing here



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