Staying Warm in Style

GREEN-CABLE-720x506Cable Knit Sweater;

Dressing your dog for winter isn’t a fashion statement—it could be a lifesaver! Labradors and St. Bernards may be able to charge off into the snow on days when it’s well below freezing, but not all breeds have built-in cold protection.
There’s one simple clue that your pup needs winter clothes—she’s shivering! Just like humans, dogs can develop hypothermia if they’re exposed to the cold for too long. Smaller breeds and those with short coats will probably need a sweater or coat if you live in a part of the country where the thermometer dives below freezing. Chihuahuas, Pinschers, Greyhounds and many small terriers are in danger from the cold. But even dogs like Poodles, which have a naturally thick coat, may need a jacket if their hair’s been cut short. Dogs lose heat through their ears and paws, so look for jackets that have a hood to cover ears. And boots are essential not just for warmth but also to protect sensitive paws from salt and harmful chemicals on icy streets. It’s important to make sure sweaters and coats have a good fit, so your dog can’t easily pull them off or get them caught on anything. But be careful that the fit isn’t too tight and doesn’t restrict movement. Also avoid clothes that have any adornments like buttons and decorations that can come loose and choke a pet.

PAWZ2Rubber Dog Boots;

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Ruffwear Winter Shoot FW10Bark’n Boots Polar Trex;

(via Cesar’s Way magazine)



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