Adopting a Sochi Street Dog

1392047671000-USP-Olympics-Nordic-Combined-Individual-GundersenSochi’s street dogs received a considerable amount of attention in days leading up to the Winter Olympics. The prevalence of these stray dogs in Sochi and the local organizing committee’s decision to hire a pest control company to kill thousands of them led to a Russian billionaire opening a shelter just outside of town, and the attention devoted to the issue has inspired many Americans to ask about how they can adopt one of the dogs that survived.
The Humane Society International has set up a helpful guide for Americans who want to adopt a Sochi stray dog on their website. Humane Society International director for companion animals and engagement Kelly O’Meara said, typically, the Humane Society encourages Americans to adopt pets domestically, since there are many who need homes. But because, “it’s a situation where everyone’s hearing about the very sad and terrible means of killing these dogs and people are feeling a bit helpless in what they can do,” O’Meara said in a phone interview Monday. “This is a life-or-death situation for many of them that are being seen in and around Sochi, and that’s why people are sort of jumping in and asking how they can help.” To that end the HSI is offering help by providing some contact information for local groups, as well as information about transporting dogs to other countries. Get more information here



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