Why We Rescue

Photographer Theron Humphrey, who gained fame last year for chronicling his Coonhound Maddie perched on top of everything from national landmarks to everyday objects, has completed a new project he calls, Why We Rescue. According to his website,

Why We Rescue is a yearlong story-telling documentary that is traversing across all 50 states highlighting how pets transform our lives for the better. This project is an opportunity to share everyday stories on how those pets can open our homes and hearts to the world. Along the way we are telling one shelter/rescue pet story in each state.

Here are couple of the stories from the site…
Phillip Kim/NY
“They were like you should play with her in the playpen and we went into the playpen and she jumped up on the bench and she gave me a big wet kiss on the face and she went to jump off and she got her hind leg caught in between the slats of the bench. She was yelping and I grabbed her, picked her up and put her on the ground. She circled the room once and then laid down and put her chin on my foot and just sighed. That was it. She was my dog. I adopted her that week.”NY-29

Erin Flashner/LA
“I was living in NYC with my ex-boyfriend and he really wanted a get a dog himself. So we went and we picked one out. He found Shimmy there. She was this little angel—all white, six-months-old American Bulldog. What looks to me a Boxer/American Bulldog/Pit Bull mix. He fell in love with her and we took her home.
She’s brought such joy to my life. I call her my angel baby because she’s really quite an angel. And she even kind of looks like one. She’s brought such joy and light to my life. A really positive, beautiful light. I wouldn’t trade her for the world.”LA-24

Keith Peters/TX
“I missed having a dog, I hadn’t had a dog for a long time. I had dogs growing up but ever since I left my family house I hadn’t had a dog and I missed having that relationship. One day I was perusing the Internet and saw a picture of Sydney on Craigslist and just immediately fell in love with her and went and met her. She was just the right fit for me. Ever since then, she’s been my traveling buddy.” IMG_0505

Visit WhyWeRescue.com for more great pictures and full stories…



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