Can Your Dog Tell time?

shutterstock_80152774Do you have a dog that seems to know when you’re about to come home, feed him, or take him out for a walk? Do you find yourself thinking, “Is he reading the clock?!” Researchers are trying to discover what it is that keeps your canine pal aware of his own schedule.
“This is actually a very hotly debated question in animal research,” said cognitive scientist Locky Stewart, director of research at Dognition, a company that analyzes canine intelligence. We may not have the answers yet but Wired has an article on the research and possible reasoning behind this phenomenon…

Some researchers have suggested that dogs are using their advanced sense of smell to sniff out how long it has been since some event happened. After you leave the house, your scent lingers, decaying slowly over the day. If you have a fairly regular schedule, it’s possible your dog has figured out that at the point when your smell has decreased by a specific amount, you’re going to unlock that front door (and he needs to get ready to come charging up to greet you).

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