Dogs VS Cats: Around the World

gvchpxilrqwrl1uidt2xAccording to an article in the Washington Post, here in the U.S., slightly more households own dogs than own cats. But market research firm Euromonitor’s numbers show that in terms of raw population, cats outnumber dogs to the tune of 2 million (the number is closer to 4 million, by the American Veterinary Medical Association’s estimate). Still, overall, most states have a pretty balanced cat-dog ratio. Now around the world the story is quite different…

Euromonitor gave us estimates of the pet dog and cat populations in 54 countries, and some show a stark dog/cat divide. In India, for instance, pet dogs outnumber cats 10-to-1. Dogs enjoy a 2.5-to-1 advantage in China. On the other hand, cats outnumber dogs 3-to-1 in Switzerland, Austria and Turkey.

Check out an interactive version of the map and all the additional stats at the Washington Post.



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